TransiCast - A Transit Data Web API

The TransiCast REST API provides public transportation data for North America in a single, integrated call and response format. The data is provided in stream-parsable XML and JSON formats.

SF Bay Area, Portland, L.A., Chicago, Boston, Champaign-Urbana, New York, Chapel-Hill, Toronto, Pinellas In red: stops with next bus and train times based on schedule, in blue: based on real-time data.
All in all - 650,000 stops, and growing.

Try it out

Below a few examples of TransiCast calls:

Next bus times for 5th / Los Angeles (stop IDs 460,18,316,53,62,16), Los Angeles Metro
Next train times Caltrain at Millbrae Station
Next train times BART at Embarcadero Station
Route List of SFMTA (San Francisco)
Route details of CTA (Chicago) route 28
Agency List, sorted by distance from lat/lon 41.727122, -87.55947 (near Chicago)
Service Messages for CTA… More examples on the Metros page.

Beyond these samples, the TransiCast Web Service is open for full hands-on test drives. No sign up required. Check it out with an open sample key, and code against the web service. Assuming familiarity with the implementation of client side web service calls, the documentation should contain all necessary information to get started. Please let us know what you think.

Production setup

Sign-up to a production plan includes the:

Note that TransiCast does not enter the licensing agreements with the providers of the base data and next bus and train times.

TransiCast is a commercial service.


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